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PC sheet spacer
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  pc蛋蛋预测99Taichen Plastic Products Co., Ltd.is a manufacturer that specializes in R & D, production and sale of electronic and computer plastic parts and fittings, plastic fasteners and automobile parts and fittings, owns plastic fittings of complete varieties in the global range, offers one-stop service for you, cannot only provide standard products, but also can provide different client-customized products.
  Major products: plastic screw, gasket, PC sheet spacer, wire mount, power supply cable buckle, wire-protecting ring, flexible wire sheath, LED spacer, plastic rivet, fixing buckle, door buckle, PC sheet pull handle, PC sheet guide slot, round spacer, plastic copper column, LE\D base, LED light guide column, buckle-type choke plug, thermal shrinkage sleeve, electric crystal gasket, electric crystal cover,silica gel sheet, silica gel cap sleeve, PVC flexible protective sheath, end sleeve, cap sleeve, switch cover, dust cover, USB base protecting cover, plastic screw, silver-pressed foot pad, rubber foot pad, threaded terminal, closed-end terminal, terminal block, test prod, hardware terminal, insulating product ……[More]
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Appearance patent
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